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Tradejini is a fintech company started the services in 2012 with its head office at Bangalore. It offers discount broking services at flat Rs.20 per order to create a big value for money in trading services coupled with impeccable customer services unparalleled in the financial services industry.

Tradejini value preposition has reached over 18000 customers across 1350 cities across India with over 3000 Crores of daily trade value. Having reached the coveted status in trading services, we decided to extend this value added service in the investment space and launched Mutual fund online

Mutual fund online services under the financial services umbrella of Tradejini will endeavor to make the investment experience a pleasant and easy to navigate to help discerning investors to build wealth in the long run by offering various investment solutions. With the sole objective of making investment experience a delight to customers have modeled portfolios, goal setting with loads of research content to meet the expectations of first timers to the seasoned investors to get everything from us to build the portfolio of your choice. While it is driven by the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model, we have made it very interactive and supportive by providing innumerable options while designing portfolio suggestions and built ready to sue well researched portfolio in our Robo -advisory theme. Our support team will be more than happy to guide you if you need any assistance

Welcome to the world of Mutual fund investing and come explore with us to build a world of difference in your portfolio. We understand money and time better to help build a wealth of experience when it comes to mutual fund

Happy Investing