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1. How to create a log in?

Investors wanting to start mutual fund investment online can register through a simple process and start investing in less than 2 minutes. To begin with, you will go to the sign up page and enter the few details and you are ready to know your status

2. How to Check KYC Status

Once you login, you will be redirected to the online registration page and here the customer will be informed about his KYC status.

3. IF KYC done, how to proceed to invest online?

If KYC is done then you need to furnish few details related to banks, income, and address and upload your signature and you are good to go

4. How to do fresh KYC?

You can visit select AMC website to do your online video KYC in the below mentioned link invest-online or contact us to guide you. Alternatively you can visit http://kyc.tradejini.com/#/login to register for online KYC to open a trading and MF account if required.

5. How to register for Bank Mandate for auto-debit of lump sum and SIP payment?

This facility will help register your primary or multiple bank mandates for auto debit for a maximum single transaction value of 2 lacs. Once you choice the tagged bank and click to generate mandate, you will be prompted to confirm the bank details and upload an image of your signature done on white paper (it should match with bank records). Once you upload the signature, you will receive a prefilled mandate authorization form in your mail inbox. You can even register for higher amount and if you need to set higher limit contact us.

This facility can help to transact and make payment without the need to go to net banking to complete payment process. You have 2 options.

Option A

I-SIP: ISIP - Internet based SIP will help to set up online SIP payment (paperless)

Once you click on the mandate button, a pop-up will appear with 15 digit unique number (This is the biller ID which you have to enter in your net banking account). Please login to your net-banking and click the 'Add Biller' menu > select mutual funds > select Biller name as BSE Ltd. > enter the above 15 digit biller ID. Once submitted, it will be activated within 7 working days. After activation, you can start the SIP. Currently SBI, ICICI, HDFC, IDBI, AXIS, YES, KOTAK accepts I-SIP Mandate.

For ISIP - You need to register the URN (15 digit number) in your internet banking account under Bill Pay facility - Biller name as BSE Ltd., within 7 days. Currently SBI, ICICI, HDFC, IDBI, AXIS, YES, KOTAK accepts I-SIP Mandate. Biller Name is BSE Ltd. (some banks it's referred as BSE SIP or BSE ISIP)

Option B

XSIP: X change SIP as it is referred, is offered by BSE STAR platform to investors to register ECS Bank mandate of any banks for fund debit based on SIP mandate.

XSIP - Once you click on the mandate button, mandate registration will be done. After that you will receive an email with mandate form attached. Print the form, clearly Sign once above the red line. Click or Scan a clear image of the document and upload it in the Website "Menu" -> "Invest Online" -> "Bank Mandate Upload" Activation will take around 2 weeks, post which you can start SIP/Lump sum Investments.

1. XSIP can be registered for any banks and preferred for lump sum investment for upto 2 lacs
2. XSIP is as default registered for upto 2 lacs of transaction per AMC per day
3. For lump sum amount in excess of 2 lacs, we suggest to use the "immediate payment" and pay through net banking for faster processing of NAV as fund transfer is instantaneous for NEFT / RTGS payment and NAV is based on fund credit basis by respective AMC.

6. How to upload Bank mandate for auto-debit?

You need to print the prefilled mandate form and sign (above the red line) and take a scan image of the same to upload. Once you upload you have completed the registration process. This bank mandate will take 7-21 days or sometime more depending upon the bank clearance and you will be able to complete payment process through a mail acknowledgement once you initiate a payment. This will save valuable time as you would not be prompted to go to net banking page every time you decide to invest online

7. How to do Profile update

You may modify the profile information in this page should there be any change. However please note that this does not alter the KYC details and all official communication will be sent only to the registered mobile and mail id as per KYC details. Should you feel the need to change the information in official KYC record, please contact us to effect the change

8. How to view Folio details?

All investment maintained in each scheme or different schemes can be tracked folio-wise and checked for nominee details as provided at the time of investment Transaction process

9. How to invest for Lump sum?

Once you are invest online enabled, you are good to start investing in lump sum through either of the following option provided

  • Risk profile based model portfolio investment
  • Select top performing funds in any category of choice
  • Robo advisory based investment

10. How to invest online through SIP?

Once your bank mandate registration is done, you may choose the any of the following method of investment

  • Goal based investment
  • SIP investment by Robo advisory
  • Top performing funds by SIP

11. How to do Lump sum Investment?

Do-it-Yourself portfolio

You may select an AMC, a category of funds under that and then a scheme and decide on Dividend or growth option and chose your amount and invest online. You may Chose multiple investment choice and add it to a cart and invest in single click to action for immediate investment

Model Portfolio

Alternatively you can chose the curated list of model portfolio based on risk profile and chose to buy the basket of schemes will researched and presented to you for easy to invest and track for better portfolio management. The model portfolio offers 6 choices based on risk profile as under

  • Top performing funds by SIP
  • Cheetah portfolio
  • Lion portfolio
  • Deer Portfolio
  • Hare Portfolio
  • Tortoise Portfolio
  • Caterpillar portfolio

12. What is Goal Based Investment?

This investment is based on financial planning and can help reach the desired goals by having a systematic and disciplined way of investing to realize the set goal. The most popular plans include

  • a. Higher Education
  • b. Dream Home
  • c. Retirement
  • d. Vacation
  • e. Buying a car
  • f. Build Wealth
  • g. Emergency Fund
  • h. other goals

13. How to switch / redeem/ STP/ SWP?

Switch option

These options are available for every investor to switch between same AMC from one category to another category as far as they are open-ended funds and as such they accept fresh funds into the scheme. In such cases, investors might have to incur exit loads as and when applicable


This is done to encash your investment that you held either partially or fully as per your fund needs. The redemption process are directly credited to your bank account in 2-3 working days depending on the schemes of investment


Systematic Transfer Plan will ensure regular movement of funds from scheme to another as defined by you at periodic interval for a fixed amount. However the investor need to ensure there is sufficient unit balances in the scheme from which you initiate the transfer at the time of setting the transfer and ensure to maintain the same at all periods. Please note exit loads can apply based on the holding period of investment


Systematic Withdrawal Plan will ensure regular flow of funds to one own bank account as per the period set it in to meet cash flow requirement that you have planned. The withdrawals can be subject to exit load as and when applicable

14. How to Subscribe to NFO?

New fund offers offered by AMC from time to time are available in the NFO page. You can chose the AMC, then the category and select the scheme and you can invest in dividend or growth option for the specified amount as you decide. Please note that the scheme is open for a select period only

15. What is Robo Advisor? And how to invest

Robo advisory is algorithmic selection process of funds based on superior risk adjusted returns performance to help make the decision process more scientific and easy to choose in the maze of over 10000 mutual fund schemes to select. The funds cherry -picked by us can be invested in a single click like our model portfolio and can be tracked separately for easy and efficient management

16. How to transact through existing folio with other ARN - purchase, redeem & switch

This is an innovative facility offered to transact using the existing folio reference of other service providers or distributors so that you can buy the investment through our portal without creating a new folio and will be able to track it with ease in our dashboard. Please note that you will be able to track only investment executed through us in this portfolio tracker

You may use the facility similarly to redeem or switch investment through other ARN holders in this login to get seamless service

17. How to do offline transaction by generating transaction slip

In a rare situation of not able to do the online investment due to power or internet outage or not able to access payment portal for some technical reason, you can always print a transaction slip using the option to generate transaction slip. Once u fill in the relevant details, you will be able to download and print the slip with your cheque details and attach your physical cheque and can be presented in AMC office or R&T office for processing your investment / redemption or as the case may be

18. What is the cut-off time for transaction?

Transaction cutoff time for getting same day NAV for investment in various categories are as follows

  • Liquid funds, it is 1:30 pm
  • Debt & Equity Funds > Rs 2 lacs is 2:30 pm
  • Debt & Equity Funds < = Rs 2 lacs is 3 pm

19. How to Track my Investment?

The portfolio view is available in the dashboard and investment are viewable folio wise and investment wise with all relevant details like current value, investment value. Returns, NAV etc

20. How are Long-term & Short- term holding classified?

All investment portfolios can be viewed from the point of view of capital gains and hence classified as long & short-term and can be viewed in the respective category. For the purpose of Debt funds, long term is 3 years & above and for Equity it is 1 year & above

21. Can I get a Taxation Report?

Taxation is calculated for both short-term and long term on realized gains or losses and the same can be used for submitting it to your tax consultant for better income filing and record maintenance

22. How to check Dividend receipt report?

All dividends paid report on all units of mutual funds under each folio can be viewed to get a bird's eye view on the dividend income received throughout the year

23. How to view Orders placed through online & Transaction report as per R&T confirmation

Customers once they invest can check the orders in the tab "Invest Online". Once the investment is processed and accepted by Registrar & Transfer Agent, they are posted to your transaction report can be viewed in your "Reports" tab.

24. Portfolio level information:

  • a. Asset allocation - Investment across Debt & equity can be viewed here
  • b. AMC level allocation - Investment classified under each AMC can be viewed here
  • c. MF category wise allocation - This will help to know the allocation across risk category of investment such as Large cap, midcap, short term debt etc

25. Which mutual funds do you allow to transact?

We have all major funds available for subscription through this online platform. For more details visit the fresh investment tab under invest online to get a view of AMC list