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Higher Education

Education inflation is the highest in the world. Plan well in advance

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Dream Home

First home or second you have a home in your dreams. Fulfil your dreams

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Retire early and retire reach is the goal we have. But how many can realise it

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Must have in your life to keep yourself stress free. But, have you planned for it

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Buying a Car

Brand and size does not matter if you can plan well and early to own the dream Car

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Build Wealth

Who does not want to be wealthy but how many are. Make a small beginning

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Emergency Fund

Do not bank on your savings bank. Plan for a fund you do know when you need

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Other goals

No goals are big and no dreams are unachievable. Just think of a goal and start

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Mutual Funds Research

Top Performing Systematic Investment Plan
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
180000 347286.65 27.55
180000 291197.09 20.0
180000 285447.84 19.15
180000 276006.61 17.73
180000 275593.66 17.67
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Top Mutual Funds in India - Lump sum returns
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
10000 26055.82 21.15
10000 19372.97 14.17
10000 18612.58 13.25
10000 18274.23 12.84
10000 17628.91 12.03
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Customized Portfolio for Different Risk Profiles.